Trolley air conditioner condenser

2023-01-18 10:00

The car air-conditioning condenser is an important part of the car air-conditioning system. Its function is to make the refrigerant absorb heat in the evaporator, vaporize and condense into liquid.

Because the working environment of the automobile air conditioning system is relatively bad (such as high temperature, high pressure and humidity), the condenser is required to have stable and reliable performance and long service life.

The trolley air conditioner condenser is generally composed of shell, tube plate and coolant.

(1) Shell:

The shell is one of the main components of the condenser. Its main function is to bear the pressure and sealing effect of refrigerant; At the same time, it is also a channel for heat dissipation, so that hot air can be discharged out of the vehicle or inhaled into the vehicle; In addition, certain rigidity and strength should be guaranteed to support internal parts and prevent deformation.

(2) Tube plate:

The tube plate is mainly used to connect the shell and the coolant pipe for installation and maintenance; In addition, it also plays a supporting role and protects internal parts from damage.

(3) Coolant:

The circulating flow of coolant is one of the important links to realize the heat exchange between the refrigerant and the outside air, so it is necessary to ensure sufficient circulation to ensure good heat exchange effect and normal working performance of the system.

1) Select the appropriate model according to different use conditions;

2) Check whether the pipeline is smooth;

3) Clean the filter regularly;

4) Replace the filter element in time;

5) Regularly check the tightness of the compressor belt;

6) Adjust the speed of the compressor in time;

7) Replace lubricating oil regularly;

8) Frequently check whether all instruments work normally

 car air-conditioning condenser