Where does the condensation water from the car air conditioner come out?

2023-01-10 11:31

The water outlet of automobile air conditioner is generally located at the lower part of the evaporation tank and connected to the chassis through a hose. The exact position of the water outlet varies with different vehicle types. The condensed water generated in the refrigeration process of the automobile air conditioner will be discharged to the outside of the vehicle through the condensed water pipe. In the rainy season, after sediment and accumulated water, sometimes the drain hole will be blocked, so that the accumulated water can not be discharged and will flow back to the vehicle, which will lead to water on the floor. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the drain hole of the automobile air conditioner unblocked.

It flows from the air conditioning drain. The drain is designed at the lowest part of the condenser in the cockpit. The design position of each vehicle type is different. You can find the drain as long as you find the car condenser in the cockpit.The function of the air conditioning drain is that during the heat exchange process of the air conditioner, the evaporation tank will continuously absorb the moisture in the surrounding air and condense into water, which will be discharged through the air conditioning drain. This is why there will be a pool of water under the car after the air conditioner has been running for a period of time. Many new car owners often doubt whether the car is leaking water when encountering this situation. In fact, there is no need to worry about it. Just judge whether the car has the car air conditioner on. Once the air conditioning drain is blocked, water will enter the passenger's footwell through the connection to soak the foot pad and other items.

Cleaning method: it can be done by drilling under the chassis with fine iron wire, and dredging is relatively simple. The drain holes on the vehicle body are most likely to be blocked in the sunroof and the engine compartment, because these two places are most likely to be ignored, and the debris often accumulates here, causing the blockage to become more and more serious. The owners should regularly clean the inside of the vehicle, and maintain all parts of the vehicle to prevent the drain holes from being blocked.

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