The radiator can be cleaned at home. The maintenance technician said it was OK after reading it!

2023-01-06 16:44

It is understood that the car ownership in China is about 260 million, and the car has already gone to every household. There are inevitably some problems in the daily travel of transit vehicles. Will you repair these problems yourself? The radiator of our car has been used for a long time, so it is difficult to clean the deposited scale and dirt. If it is not cleaned in time, it will lead to varying degrees of damage to the parts in the engine and increase the fuel consumption of our car. Everyone knows that the "heart" of a car is the engine. If the engine is damaged for a long time, the service life of the car will be very short. According to this analysis, cleaning the car radiator can save fuel for the car. How can you clean the car radiator at home?

Car radiator cleaning method 1

First remove the radiator for washing, separate the radiator from the condenser, use a brush or a high-pressure water gun to wash away the dirt in the gap, and then use clean water to wash the surface. Everyone should be careful not to damage the aluminum sheet and water pipe, because the aluminum sheet is easy to deform, and it will be damaged with a little force. Excessive aluminum sheet damage will cause poor heat dissipation, and the water pipe on the radiator will cause antifreeze leakage.

Car radiator cleaning method 2

If there is little dirt deposited on the radiator, you can use a high-pressure water gun to wash the radiator, so that you can remove the things on the surface and achieve the effect of cleaning.

Then you will ask how long is the cleaning cycle of the car air conditioner radiator? If the car has been particularly fuel consuming recently, the air conditioner is always poor, and the engine temperature is too high, you can tell everyone that the car radiator needs to be cleaned. I hope you will pay attention to the work of car radiator cleaning, which is also the key to car self-care.

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