How to deal with poor heat dissipation of car air conditioner? What impact will it have?

2022-12-27 11:19

If the heat dissipation of the car air conditioner is not good, we can check the fan. If the fan is damaged, we will replace it in time. We also need to check the specific conditions of the condenser and water tank to see if they are blocked. If they are blocked, we should clean them in time. Is there too much dust in the condenser and water tank? If there is too much dust, we will use high-pressure air for comprehensive cleaning, so that the water tank and condenser can play a better heat dissipation function.

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The direct impact of poor heat dissipation of automobile air conditioners is that the cooling effect of air conditioners becomes worse, and the air conditioning system pipes may burst. When the heat dissipation of the air conditioner becomes poor, the load of the compressor will increase significantly. When the load is high, the piston cylinder cannot be compressed at all. In the worst case, the belt of the air conditioner will slip.

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The reasons for poor heat dissipation of radiator are as follows:

1. The radiator is too dirty. The car radiator is used to dissipate heat. The radiator is honeycomb and has many airflow channels, which can quickly take away heat. If the radiator is blocked, the heat dissipation capacity will be greatly reduced.

2. If the coolant is too little, the radiator will not have enough circulation flow during heat dissipation, and will not have enough capacity to transport heat. Therefore, the heat in the engine will not be taken away, so the temperature of the air conditioner will become higher, and the air conditioner will not feel cool.

3. If the coolant circulation fails, the coolant must circulate well to take away the heat. If the coolant does not circulate well, it will result in poor heat dissipation, which will increase the temperature of the air conditioner.

We must remember to wipe the dust between the condenser and the water tank at ordinary times.