Is there gas or liquid in the condenser

2022-12-20 16:14

It is believed that many people know that the automobile air-conditioning condenser is a component of the automobile refrigeration system and belongs to the heat exchanger. But do you know whether the car condenser is gas or liquid? The following article will take you to know.

The AC condenser uses refrigerant, which is compressed into high-temperature and high-pressure gas by the compressor and enters the condenser. The condenser is air-cooled or water-cooled to cool the refrigerant and liquefy it. After liquefaction, it enters the liquid reservoir through the bottom of the condenser and then passes through the drying filter; After throttling into evaporator for evaporation and refrigeration, the throttle valve is sucked away by the air inlet of compressor, which is called refrigeration cycle. The car is heated by a warm air tank. The household air conditioner has an electric heating tube and a heat pump. The heat pump changes the direction of the refrigerant through a four-way reversing valve. The high pressure and high temperature refrigerant gas dissipates heat through an indoor evaporator and then passes through a condenser to achieve the heating effect. Condenser, a component of the refrigeration system, belongs to a kind of heat exchanger, which can convert gas or steam into liquid, and transfer the heat in the pipe to the air near the pipe in a fast manner. The working process of the condenser is an exothermic process, so the temperature of the condenser is high. Many condensers are used in power plants to condense steam from turbines. In refrigeration plants, condensers are used to condense refrigeration steam such as ammonia and Freon. In the petrochemical industry, condensers are used to condense hydrocarbons and other chemical vapors. In the process of distillation, the device that converts steam into liquid is also called condenser. All condensers operate by taking away the heat of gas or steam.

After reading this article, I believe you have a better understanding of the car condenser. If you like it, we will continue to update different news. I hope you can pay more attention to us!

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