Which is better, water-cooled radiator or air-cooled radiator?

2022-12-09 11:42

Cars or other objects will generate heat basically during operation, so there is a car radiator. The automobile radiator consists of a water inlet chamber, a water outlet chamber and a radiator core. The antifreeze flows in the radiator core and the air passes through the outside of the radiator. The hot antifreeze is cooled by radiating heat to the air, while the cold air is heated by absorbing the heat emitted by the antifreeze. Then, the car editor will patiently introduce to friends: which is better, a water-cooled radiator or an air-cooled radiator?

Most engines use internal combustion engines, which work by the heat generated by combustion. However, the effective power only accounts for 30%~40% of the total fuel energy, and the remaining energy is consumed as exhaust heat loss and mechanical friction heat loss. In particular, in order to keep the temperature of the cylinder, cylinder head and intake and exhaust valves moderate, it is necessary to cool various components of the internal combustion engine, which will lose the heat energy as antifreeze.

According to the research on automobile editing materials, most of the radiators of electric vehicles are made of aluminum alloy, and most of the water pipes and fins are made of aluminum. The aluminum water pipe is made into a flat shape, and the radiator is corrugated, so the heat dissipation performance is emphasized. The installation direction is perpendicular to the air flow direction, so the wind resistance needs to be small and the cooling efficiency needs to be high to the maximum extent. The antifreeze flows into the radiator core and the air flows out of the radiator core. The hot antifreeze becomes cold because it emits heat to the air, and the cold air becomes hot because it absorbs the heat emitted by the antifreeze and dissipates heat through the overall circulation.

Because the radiator of electric vehicle is an important part of the cooling system of water-cooled engine, and with the development of the automobile market in China, the radiator of electric vehicle is developing towards lightweight, cost-effective and convenient direction. At present, electric vehicle radiators in China mainly include DC type and cross flow type. The structure of heater core can be divided into tube type and tube type. The core of tubular radiator is composed of many thin cooling tubes and fins. The cooling pipe adopts oblate section to reduce air resistance and increase heat transfer area.

Well, today Xiaobian Automobile will give you a brief introduction to so many water-cooled radiators and air-cooled radiators. I wonder if my friends have a better understanding of which is better, the water-cooled radiator or the air-cooled radiator? I hope the brief introduction of Xiaobian cars can be helpful to friends.

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