Is it necessary to install insect screen on the car?

2022-11-30 21:53

After the car radiator has been used for a long time, there will be a lot of dust and interference from various insects, which will cause the car radiator to be blocked. So many car owners doubt whether it is necessary to install an insect screen on the car?

The car insect screen is installed at the front of the car and is a protective screen for the radiator. The main function is to prevent cotton leaves, insects, sand and other debris from passing through the front bar seam, to protect the radiator from damage and keep the radiator clean. Many people call it the water tank insect screen.

The willow catkins flying all over the sky and mosquitoes flying everywhere in spring have a great impact on cars. The first thing to bear the brunt is the radiator, condenser and other heat dissipation parts of the car. Because they are easily stuck in the windward position right in front of the car, causing pollution to the air conditioning and other air circulation systems. Moreover, the original function of these parts is to dissipate heat. After the surface is covered with a layer of dust, the heat dissipation will certainly be affected, resulting in problems such as high engine water temperature and poor air conditioning. This kind of fine protective net, installed in front of the radiator, can really block a lot of debris and protect the car condenser water tank to a large extent.

car radiator

Because the insect screen is relatively fine, many people will worry about the impact on the wind impact area. Originally, the radiator could be cooled by the high-speed airflow brought by driving, but with this protective screen, it is easy to block the radiator, weaken the airflow, and directly reduce the heat dissipation efficiency of the water tank.

The insect screen affects the intake efficiency, but it is about 5%. The air inlet heat dissipation efficiency of about 5% is more than the insect body, which is full of the radiator opening, leading to the radiator being unable to dissipate heat in time. It is necessary to install an insect screen for cars.

Therefore, car owners who often run at high speed or travel a lot in spring can consider using it. The car owners who have added insect screen can wash the car normally. If the car is not equipped with insect proof net, the car owner will have a little trouble. Pay attention to cleaning the engine compartment regularly, especially the condenser and car water tank, to ensure the good operation of the car.