Solution to Water Leakage of Automobile Radiator

2022-11-16 17:51

As can be seen from the name, the car radiator plays a crucial role in the process of our car love, and the maintenance is also crucial. Automobile radiator consists of water inlet chamber, water outlet chamber and radiator core. The antifreeze flows into the radiator core and the air body flows out of the radiator. If there is a serious mistake, it will be quite troublesome. What is the solution to the leakage of the car radiator?

1. First, we need to check whether the car water tank cover is fastened. Although   this situation is quite rare, our friends still need to pay attention. Secondly, try to fill the water tank with air to see where the water in the tank seeps out when it is under pressure, and then decide on the repair plan.

2. Unscrew the cover of engine and oil to see if there is any trace of oil emulsification (punch or pin corrosion). If yes, remove the engine and replace the cylinder gasket, otherwise the water tank quality is questionable. If the water tank pipe breaks and leaks due to vehicle vibration or accident during vehicle driving, measures can be taken according to the specific situation: when the water leakage does not exceed 1 mm of cracks or 2 mm of holes, add a bottle of water tank strong blocking agent in the water tank to start the vehicle.

3. 5~10 minutes after opening the cooling water and starting the large circulation, the leakage (or coolant) in the cooling system, whether it is the water tank, rubber pipe or the padding everywhere, will basically stop leaking. After stopping the leakage, there is no need to release it, which will not cause heat dissipation and blockage. If there is no anti leakage agent, if there is a slight leakage in individual radiator tubes, loose cut tobacco can be temporarily put into the water tank, and the cut tobacco can be blocked at the leakage of radiator tubes with the aid of water circulation pressure for temporary use.

The above is the solution of the car radiator briefly introduced by the car editor. The car radiator plays a vital role in heat dissipation. The hot antifreeze turns cold because it emits heat to the air, while the cold air turns warm because it absorbs the heat of the antifreeze, so you need to remember to take good care of it.

leakage of the car radiator