What are the removal and installation methods of automobile condenser?

2022-10-28 15:02

1. Remove and drain the refrigerant of the refrigeration system. Remove the radiator and the inlet pipe and outlet pipe of the condenser;

2. Unscrew the fixing bolts and remove the condenser;

3. Before installation, fully clean the condenser to ensure that there is enough air flowing through the condenser coil to fully dissipate heat;

4. Pay attention to the correct position of the lower part of the condenser during installation. The clearance between the upper end and the engine hood shall not be less than 5mm.

To do this, first remove the front bar of the car, and then remove the blocking parts, and then discharge the refrigerant to remove the condenser. The function of the automobile air conditioner condenser is to change the high-temperature and high-pressure liquid refrigerant from the compressor into the medium temperature and medium pressure (it can be understood in this way) refrigerant after passing through the condenser, and then input it to the next level of liquid storage tank or drying bottle. In the process of passing through the condenser, it is a very effective cooling process. If the condenser fails, it may lead to imbalance of pipeline pressure and failure of the air conditioner.

The F3 condenser of BYD can be disassembled in two ways. One is to remove the condenser by removing the electronic fan and then the water tank. Another way is to remove the bumper and see the condenser directly. Unscrew the fixed screws and drain the refrigerant first. Then unscrew the fixing screws of the condenser to replace it.

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