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What is AC Condenser?

2022-10-25 14:11

The air conditioning system in a car is made up of many components. Each component has its own role and binds to each other. An important component in a car air conditioning system is the condenser.

The AC Condenser is part of the refrigeration system. Used to cool and condense the refrigerant vapor discharged from the compressor. It belongs to a type of heat exchanger. Copper/aluminum condensers have strong thermal conductivity and are often used to transport steam. In order to improve the efficiency of the condenser, heat sinks with excellent thermal conductivity are often attached to the pipes to increase the heat dissipation area, accelerate heat dissipation, and accelerate air convection through fans to take away heat.

The role of the car condenser is to reduce the temperature of the refrigerant during the condensation process. When the warm temperature is successfully lowered, a cool liquid is formed, which is released through the car air conditioning holes.

The working principle of the AC car Condenser: the refrigerant enters the evaporator, the pressure decreases, and the pressure changes from high-pressure gas to low-pressure gas. This process needs to absorb heat, so the surface temperature of the evaporator is very low, and then the cool air can be blown out by the fan.

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