What are the symptoms of a clogged car air conditioner condenser?

2022-09-19 18:07

Symptoms of a clogged car air conditioner condenser are:

1. The cooling effect is obviously decreased;
2. The condensation effect becomes poor, which seriously affects the refrigeration;
3. The refrigeration equipment does not work properly. The condenser of the automobile air conditioner is located at the front end of the car. Its purpose is to cool the refrigerant in the pipeline by the oncoming wind when the car is driving. If the condenser fails, it may cause the pressure of the pipeline to be unbalanced. When checking the air conditioner, mainly check the condenser of the air conditioner, and clean the surface of the condenser. If there is too much dust, it must be cleaned in time, and the compressed air should be blown out. If the refrigerant of the vehicle is insufficient, the air conditioner will be lost. cooling effect.

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