Quels sont les types de condenseurs de voiture ?

2022-10-07 18:10

According to the different types of cooling media, car condensers can be classified into four categories, and their functions are as follows:

(1) Air-cooled condenser (also called air-cooled): In this type of condenser, the heat released by the refrigerant is taken away by the air. The air can be natural convection or forced flow by means of a fan. This type of condenser is used for Freon refrigeration equipment in places where water supply is inconvenient or difficult.

(2) Water-cooled condenser: In this type of condenser, the heat released by the refrigerant is taken away by the cooling water. Cooling water can be used for one-time use or recycled. Water-cooled condensers can be divided into vertical shell and tube type, horizontal shell and tube type and casing type according to their different structural types.

(3) Evaporation-condensing type: In this type of condenser, the cooling effect generated by the evaporation of the refrigerant in another refrigeration system is used to cool the refrigerant vapor on the other side of the heat transfer partition, and the latter is condensed and liquefied. Such as the evaporative-condenser in cascade refrigerators.

(4) Water-air cooling condenser: This type of condenser can be divided into two types: evaporation type and shower type according to their different structures. In this type of condenser, the refrigerant is cooled by water and air at the same time, but mainly relies on the evaporation of cooling water on the surface of the heat transfer tube, and absorbs a large amount of heat from the refrigerant side as the latent heat of vaporization of water. The role of air Mainly to take away water vapor to speed up the evaporation of water. Therefore, the water consumption of this type of condenser is very small, and it is the preferred type of condenser for areas with dry air, low water quality, low water temperature and insufficient water.

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