What happens to the car after the condenser of the car air conditioner fails?

2022-09-29 16:05

When there is a problem with the condenser of the car, the air conditioning and refrigeration system of the car starts not cooling. And when the air conditioner is not cooling, the condenser must be tested, because the condenser itself can have the effect of releasing heat during the working process. Therefore, most of the time, the temperature of the condenser will be relatively high during the working process, and this is a normal phenomenon. But it must be noted that the condenser must be cleaned once after the car has been driven for 30,000 kilometers. Avoid blockages that cause the refrigeration system of your air conditioner to fail and then not work properly.

Clean the condenser

When cleaning the condenser, it can be used with cleaning liquid, because many people use detergent and water to mix with each other to scrub the condenser. But be sure not to use too strong detergent, otherwise it will cause the condenser to corrode. Then clean it with clean water. When the air conditioner is running, clean the fan and condenser with clean water, and the effect will be better. At the same time, after cleaning with clean water, you can spray the cleaning liquid on the surface of the condenser, and then turn off the air conditioner for a period of time. Finally, turn the air conditioner back on and spray some water on it.

clean up oil

Then flush the dirt off, and the condenser can function normally. During the inspection of the condenser, make sure that the pipes and fins of the condenser are clean. There may be dust and oil on it, but it must be cleaned up in time. In this way, the refrigerant of the condenser can be condensed, and the accumulation of dust and dirt will cause the pressure of the high-pressure pipe to increase in the refrigeration circuit, which will reduce the condensation capacity of the condenser.

Check for damage

At the same time, it is also necessary to check whether the joints of the condenser are damaged to avoid leakage of refrigerant due to damage. If a leak is found, it needs to be fixed sooner, and then checked again after it has been fixed. Then you can see whether the outer casing of the car condenser and the heat sink are deformed or damaged, so that the condenser can be repaired.

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