Can a clogged car condenser cause high water temperature?

2022-09-28 18:13

The blockage of the condenser of the car will cause the water temperature to be high. The car owner can deal with it according to the following methods:

1. Check whether there is too much dust between the condenser and the water tank. Thoroughly clean with high-pressure air to ensure that the water tank and condenser have good heat dissipation performance;

2. When the car is hot, the temperature difference between the upper and lower water pipes of the water tank should not be too large. Otherwise, it is necessary to check the opening of the thermostat and whether the water pump has the phenomenon of rotational speed loss;

3. After the car is warmed up, check the return water condition of the return pipe at the upper end of the antifreeze storage tank. If the backwater is not smooth or blocked, the water temperature will be too high. It is recommended that the owner do not blindly disassemble and replace parts during maintenance;

4. Replace the antifreeze in time. If the addition and replacement of antifreeze is not standardized, it is easy to cause the engine water channel and water tank to be blocked in advance, and the water temperature will be high. Antifreeze is replaced every two years, and original parts must be used when replacing and adding. In addition, it should be noted that after water is added to the engine cooling system, or the concentration of antifreeze added exceeds 60%, the water temperature will be too high;

5. The pressure at the high-pressure end of the air-conditioning system is too high, the refrigerant or refrigerating lubricating oil is filled too much, the self-adjusting function of the internal self-adjusting air-conditioning compressor fails to cause the high pressure to be too high, the air-conditioning condenser is blocked, and the above failures will increase the engine The load consumes the heat dissipation performance of the cooling system and leads to an excessively high water temperature. In addition, adding too little or too much refrigerant in the air conditioner will reduce the cooling effect.

Generally, it is true that the high water temperature of the car will accelerate the wear of the engine, and the lubricating effect of the oil will decrease, which will not only increase the fuel consumption of the car, but also accelerate the aging and damage of the car engine. The long-term high water temperature of the car may be due to the failure of the piston ring and cylinder. Long-term driving will cause damage to the engine and cause permanent damage to the engine.

Yes, if there is such a reason, it is that our refrigerant volume is relatively large, and then the heat dissipation is not good, our fan is not working, and the condenser fan is not working.

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