The performance of the car condenser is broken

2022-09-20 17:12

The performance of the car condenser is broken

The main manifestations of a broken car condenser include dirt blockage, refrigerant leakage, car air conditioning not cooling, and condenser leakage:

1. Dirt blockage. It can be repeatedly flushed with nitrogen or dried compressed air until it is clean and unobstructed. Condensers and evaporators must be cleaned of external dirt frequently, and the heat transfer fins must not be knocked down or damaged to ensure their heat transfer performance. Under normal circumstances, the surface temperature of the evaporator is very low, but there is only a lot of condensation and no frost or ice;

2. The refrigerant leaks, and the car air conditioner does not cool down. The cooling effect of the air conditioner is related to the cleaning of the cooling fins of the condenser. The surface of the condenser will be covered by dust and debris, which will reduce the cooling efficiency. Once restarted, the pressure of the air-conditioning system increases, overheats, and has a serious impact on the compressor and related components. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal operation of the entire automotive air conditioning system, it is crucial to keep the surface of the condenser clean;

3. Condenser leakage. The leakage of the condenser can generally be seen from the appearance, such as scratches and bumps, and oil stains seeping from the leakage point. The leakage of the evaporator is generally not easy to be found because of the low pressure and condensation on the outer surface, which is hidden in the evaporation box. The leak detection of the condenser and the evaporator is generally obtained through the air tightness test (pressurization test). The test pressure is: 2.0-2.4MPa for the condenser; 1.2MPa for the evaporator.

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