What is a car air conditioner condenser

2022-09-19 18:06

A car air conditioner condenser is a radiator located between the car grill and the engine cooling radiator, where gaseous refrigerant dissipates heat and returns to a liquid state. Liquid refrigerant flows to an evaporator in the dash, where it cools the cabin.

The condensers and evaporators in automotive air conditioners are collectively referred to as heat exchangers. The performance of the heat exchanger directly affects the refrigeration performance of the automotive air conditioner. Its metal material consumption is large, the volume is large, and its mass accounts for 50% to 70% of the total mass of the entire automobile air conditioning device. The space it occupies directly affects the effective volume of the automobile, and it is difficult to arrange. Therefore, the use of high-efficiency heat exchangers is extremely important. of.

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