The car water tank is called the radiator, which is the main part of the car cooling system. (1)

2022-09-19 18:02

The car water tank, also known as the radiator, is the main component in the car cooling system. Its function is to dissipate heat. The cooling water absorbs heat in the water jacket, flows to the radiator and dissipates the heat, and then returns to the water jacket to circulate continuously.

The car water tank is the heat exchanger of the water-cooled engine. It maintains the normal working temperature of the engine by air convection cooling. It acts as a liquid circuit for the engine to dissipate heat, absorbs the heat of the cylinder block and prevents the generator from overheating.

Before adding distilled water, please pay attention to the amount of cooling water reduction and whether the cycle is normal. As a liquid circuit for engine heat dissipation, the water tank absorbs the heat of the cylinder block and prevents the generator from overheating.

Due to the large specific heat capacity of water, the temperature does not rise much after absorbing the heat of the cylinder block, so the heat of the engine passes through the liquid circuit of cooling water, uses water as a heat carrier to conduct heat, and then passes through a large area of radiating fins through convection. The way to dissipate heat, the efficiency will be higher, and the cooling effect will be more uniform.

The function of the water tank is to compensate for thermal expansion and contraction, that is, to collect the overflowed cooling water at high temperature, and to return the cooling water in the container to the radiator at low temperature. When the car engine stops working, the cooling system The cooling water in the cooling water will become cold and shrink, and negative pressure will be formed in the closed system.

The radiator is responsible for the cooling of circulating water. Its water pipes and heat sinks are mostly made of aluminum, the aluminum water pipes are made into a flat shape, and the heat sinks are corrugated, focusing on heat dissipation performance.

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