Principle of automobile radiator, internal structure diagram of automobile radiator(2)

2022-09-19 18:01

Internal structure diagram of car radiator
At present, the common car radiators are water-cooled radiators. The water-cooled radiator consists of a water pump, a radiator, a cooling fan, a thermostat, a compensation bucket, an engine body, a water jacket in the cylinder head, and other accessories. The radiator is mainly responsible for cooling the coolant. The cooled coolant enters the engine water channel again to take away the heat, and circulates continuously to maintain the engine temperature in a relatively stable state.
How to clean the car radiator?
1. Since the car water tank is basically hidden in the engine bumper, the bumper needs to be removed before cleaning. When disassembling, make sure that all fixing screws have been unscrewed, and then slowly disassemble from both ends to the middle, and do not break the fixing buckle;
2. After removing the bumper, we can see the position of the water tank very intuitively. Adjust the muzzle of the water gun to a spray shape and adjust the pressure to a suitable size, and then flush the surface of the dirty water tank;

3. After rinsing, check whether the heat sink is damaged. If so, use tweezers or bamboo sticks to straighten it. After all inspections, install the bumper in the reverse order of disassembly to complete the cleaning of the water tank radiator.

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