Knowledge About Car Radiator

2022-09-16 18:20

The car water tank radiator is an important part of the vehicle, because it ensures the safety of the vehicle and the normal operation of the vehicle, which requires it to ensure that it is the vehicle cooling system.

The structure of the car water tank radiator:

The radiator core of the car water tank is composed of a heat pipe and a heat sink. The heat pipe is a straight pipe welded between the inlet and outlet chambers as a passage for the coolant. There are flat tubes and round tubes. Compared with the round tube, the flat tube has a larger heat dissipation surface under the same volume. Aluminum radiator cores are mostly round tubes. A heat sink is welded on the outer surface of the heat pipe to increase the heat dissipation area, enhance the heat dissipation capacity, and at the same time increase the rigidity and strength of the heat sink. The advantages of the fin type radiator are large heat dissipation area, small airflow resistance, good structural rigidity and strong pressure bearing capacity.

The radiator core of the car water tank is composed of heat pipes and corrugated heat dissipation belts. The heat pipe is a flat pipe and is welded with the corrugated heat strip alternately. In order to enhance the heat dissipation capacity, fins are processed on the corrugated heat dissipation belt. Compared with the tube-and-fin type radiator core, the tube-and-belt type has strong heat dissipation capacity, simple manufacture, light weight and low cost, but has poor structural rigidity.

The coolant channel of the radiator core of the automobile water tank is formed by welding pairs of metal sheets. The radiator core has good heat dissipation effect and is simple to manufacture, but the welding seam is often weak, and it is easy to deposit scale and difficult to maintain.

Different types of car water tank radiators may have differences in performance, because different vehicles have different functions and different requirements for heat dissipation, so we need to choose a suitable radiator according to the vehicle.

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