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How often is the coolant in the car radiator replaced?

How often is the coolant in the car radiator replaced?
We all know that the water tank is the radiator of the car. The main component of the car cooling system is to dissipate heat. The cooling water absorbs heat through the water jacket, then flows into the radiator to dissipate the heat, and then returns to the sleeve to circulate to achieve temperature regulation. It is part of a car engine.

If the water temperature of the engine is too high, the pump water will circulate repeatedly to reduce the engine temperature to protect the engine. When the water temperature is too low in winter, the water circulation will be stopped at this time to avoid the engine temperature from being too low.

The water tank of the car must be filled with special water tank water or qualified antifreeze. The service life of the water in the car radiator is 2 years, and the replacement cycle is 2 years. When choosing to fill the water tank with water or antifreeze, try to choose those with good quality diluted water or antifreeze, and pay attention to the timely replenishment of tap water in the event of an accidental water shortage to prevent unnecessary losses due to water shortage. In addition, special water and antifreeze can use antifreeze to prevent boiling, which is incomparable to water.

Do not add too much water to the water tank. If you add too much water or fill it up, the water will overflow due to "heated expansion", and many water marks and scales will remain on the surface. At the same time, adding water will cause scale in the cooling system, block pipelines, affect heat dissipation, and damage the engine. In addition, the best working temperature range for general automobile engine work is 75-90℃, high or low is not conducive to the work of the engine.

The liquid level of the water tank should be kept between min and max. When it is lower than min, the coolant of the same brand and the same specification should be added. The choice of coolant is mainly based on the local minimum temperature. Generally, the all-season type is used when the car leaves the factory. If the water tank is not leaking, there is no need to add water for a year, but please check the condition of the water marks frequently. If there is no leakage, it is fine. If the car water tank is added with antifreeze, it has the functions of antifreeze, rust and boiling.

If you add water, you may have to flush the water tank after running tens of thousands of kilometers, and replace the cooling water by the way. The coolant is replaced every two years. At present, there are many high-quality long-term antifreeze fluids, which can be added at ordinary times. You can clean the water tank after running tens of thousands of kilometers.
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