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Why does the truck radiator have high water temperature?

Why does the truck radiator have high water temperature?

The high water temperature of the engine (on the premise of no shortage of water) is mainly caused by the following aspects.
1.Dirty resistance of the system and internal blockage of the heat radiator water tank.
2.The second is the blockage of the machine, such as poor working or damage of the thermostat and poor working of the water pump.
3.The third is air resistance and engine failure, which cause high pressure in the cylinder to enter the cooling system.
4.The fourth is poor heat dissipation, such as the cooling fan speed is too low. The wind ring is damaged and the surface of the water tank is dirty.
5.Fifth, cars that use electronic fans may turn on the cooling fan late. It is the main reason for the high water temperature of the trolley. Solve the problem of turning on the electronic fan.
It can be solved by using (engine anti-high temperature and fuel saving protector).

In particular, the reason for the high water temperature when turning on the air conditioner is: turning on the air conditioner is equivalent to adding a hot plate in front of the water tank. The cooling fan reduces the temperature of the water tank and the condenser at the same time.
Both equipment. If the water temperature is not lowered in advance, it will be very difficult to reduce the temperature of the water tank and the condenser at the same time when the air conditioner is turned on.
Especially in summer, high water temperature is very harmful to the car. So it is very important to lower the water temperature in advance. Another maintenance phenomenon mentioned is the engine
The repair method of many repairers is to remove the thermostat. This is the original repair method. The carburetor era is okay. Today's cars are all EFI, pick.If the thermostat is used, the computer will increase the fuel injection volume and cause fuel consumption.

The hazards of car water temperature is too high.
Too high water temperature is commonly called "boiling". "Boiling the pot" will cause deformation or even damage to the cylinder head and cylinder block.When the temperature is high, it becomes difficult for the water tank to dissipate heat, the engine water temperature will rise to varying degrees, and the hose is easier to soften and the cooling water leaks.

Therefore, it becomes common for the water temperature to be too high or even boiling during driving. The normal engine water temperature should be constant between 85-95 degrees Celsius. When the water temperature is too low, the fuel enters.
Into the cylinder can not be atomized well, the power and economy are not good, and the matching clearance between the parts is too large at low temperatures, and the noise and vibration will be larger.
When the water temperature is too high, the oil viscosity will become thinner and the lubrication strength will decrease. At the same time, high-speed moving parts such as pistons and air are more likely to deform, causing the engine to become weak.
In severe cases, the swollen and deformed piston will strain the cylinder, the crankshaft bushings will melt and lock the crankshaft, etc. The consequences will be disastrous. So if the pointer of the water temperature meter is close to red
If the area or water temperature warning light is on, you should pull over and stop the fire immediately for inspection.

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