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What to do if the temperature of the RADIATOR is too high?

What to do if the temperature of the RADIATOR is too high?
Generally speaking, the engine water temperature gauge uses a physical or virtual dial pointer to display, but a few vehicles do not have a dashboard and only display warning signs when the temperature is too high. Regardless of whether it is a physical or virtual water temperature meter, the pointer orientation is basically similar, generally with a 60 ℃ -130 ℃ dial or Cold (C)-Hot (H) identification. It is normal for the temperature of the car water tank to fluctuate around 90 ℃.

What to do if the temperature of the car water tank is too high

First of all, when the water temperature is too high and the car is pulled over, the flame should not be turned off immediately, because there are many reasons for the high water temperature, but there is probably only one type of failure each time. If all other functions are turned off, the water temperature will always be too high. High and damage the engine, the accurate method should be to stop at idle speed, open the hood, open the warm air, and dissipate heat as soon as possible, and pay attention to park in a cool place.

Next, we need to check whether the coolant is sufficient. In this case, it is likely that the owner did not care and forgot to add it in time. What needs special attention is that the owner must choose the same brand and model when adding the coolant, otherwise it may be possible It will cause chemical reactions due to different components and cause the antifreeze to fail. In addition, it may also be that the leakage has caused the coolant to decrease. At this time, the owner should carefully check to see if there is a leak and repair it in time.

Then, we are looking at whether the cooling fan is operating normally. The failure of the cooling fan will cause the heat generated in the car engine to be transferred to the antifreeze when the car engine is running at high speed, and the heat can not be timely dissipated, resulting in an increase in the temperature of the antifreeze. If the fan is stuck or the insurance is burned, you can solve it as soon as possible after the power is off. If it is a wiring problem, it can only be handed over to a professional in the 4S shop for repair.

When we find an abnormality, we should first stop and pull over, turn on the double flash, and place a warning triangle 50-100 meters away. If we don’t know how to check by ourselves, we should call for rescue or tow truck.

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